British Drum Co Unveils New Axial Pipe Band Drums

British Drum Co Unveils New Axial Pipe Band Drums

Resting on their laurels is one thing the Marching Division at the British Drum Co can’t be accused of in 2019. Hot on the heels of the spring launch of the groundbreaking Regimental Series marching drums, the Stockport-based company has revealed what they coin as ‘pipe band drums from the future’, the revolutionary new Axial Pipe Band Series of high tension snare, bass and tenor drums.

The Axial Pipe Band Series drums are due to be unveiled at the renowned Innovation Glasgow 2019 – Drumming For Drinks event in Glasgow on Wednesday 14 August, 2019, where British Drum Co is a main sponsor and competitors will have a chance to win one of these ‘out of this world’ innovative handmade instruments.

The full range of Axial drums will be on display throughout the 2019 World Pipe Band Championships two-day event taking place at Glasgow Green, Glasgow on 16 and 17 August, 2019. We encourage you to head to either event to experience these futuristic drums before they go on general sale to the public in the near future.

Scott Currie Music is one of a handful of select UK dealers chosen to retail marching and pipe band drums on behalf of the British Drum Co as they bring new cutting-edge percussion instruments and accessories to market in 2019 and beyond.

Stay tuned to Scott Currie Music for further information, specifications and pricing as soon as news becomes available.