CITES Export Restrictions End

CITES Export Restrictions End

We’ve received some incredible news from our manufacturers, in what is the best Christmas gift the piping industry could have wished for.

The Convention of International Trade for Endangered Species (CITES) controls on the export of musical instruments comprising the Dalbergia Melanoxylon species of wood first put in place on 2 January, 2017 has been rescinded with effect from 14 December, 2019 in the European Union.

What this means to you is that we can resume export sales outwith the European Union of all bagpipes, pipe chanters and practice chanters made with African Blackwood from that date without the additional costs, bureaucracy and inconvenience caused by the burdensome and expensive permit application process.

So it’s back to business as normal, and our fabulous manufacturers are ready for production and we as their retailer are ready for your orders.

This news has made our year and we hope it has yours too. Merry Christmas!